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TRANIO ( Reviews

Tranio does not mediate in the transaction but directly connects customers with their foreign partners, which consist of the best agencies and developers in the country of purchase.

Tranio operates without adding any extra margins for customers. If you buy real estate with their assistance, the price remains the same as if you were to approach a foreign partner directly. This essential condition is established in their agreements with all partners.

Transparency in business relations is a core principle for Tranio. All participants in the transaction are fully aware of their roles and the functions of other parties involved. The names of partners and counterparties are always disclosed to customers.


When Ebdaa Development LLC was established, the company set out to become a leader in the real estate development sector through their commitment to quality construction and impeccable customer relationship management. Ebdaa Group of Companies, founded in 2013, has its Head Office based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Ebdaa Development LLC quickly earned a reputation as one of the most exciting and trusted property development companies in Dubai, UAE.

Ebdaa Development has extensive experience in residential and commercial real estate, specializing in the development of high-end luxury estate homes and high-rise condominiums. From their very first day of operation, Ebdaa Development LLC has been dedicated to creating the best possible living experiences for people. They have achieved this by hiring industry professionals and skilled employees in the Dubai real estate and construction sectors, all while keeping their clients’ aspirations in mind.

Recognizing that homes are sanctuaries close to people’s hearts, Ebdaa Development LLC ensures that they put their heart and soul into every project.

Dacha Real Estate ( Review

Dacha is a top property agency in Dubai that provides high-quality real estate for sale and lease in Dubai and comprehensive property management services.

With a clear focus on providing world-class client services, we managed to retain success during the Dubai property crash and have grown to become a key player in the industry.

Niltors Estate ( Reviews

Niltors Estate is an international Real Estate and Investment Consultancy based in Dubai-UAE, as well as Iskele-Cyprus, with experts active in countries such as Cyprus, Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, United States of America, United Kingdom,Germany, Austria, Russia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, United Arab Emirates and Qatar.

Umed properties real estate ( reviews

Umed Properties is a leading real estate company in Dubai, UAE. We provide high-quality real estate for sale and lease in Dubai and comprehensive property management services that suit your needs. Whether you want to rent, lease, buy or sell property, we maintain a professional approach to all our services. With a clear focus on providing world-class client services, we managed to retain success during the Dubai property crash and have grown to become a key player in the industry. Our philosophy is simple: to apply high standards to everything we do and every service we deliver so that our clients can benefit from smooth and transparent property transactions. Our commitment is to help you rent, lease, buy or sell property with Honesty and Integrity to ensure a smooth transaction from contract to close. Our agents are RERA certified and have spent 100’s of hours in training and development. Talk to us and see why we ranked among the top best Dubai real estate brokers and, we are 5 Star Rated on Google Reviews and other social media platforms.

Mira Real Estate Review

Mira Real Estate is a lavish real estate network that employs the finest real estate agents. Our team specializes in high-end properties on the most exclusive real estate market of Dubai. Mira Real Estate is accredited by the top developers of Dubai, offering the choice of more than 400 projects.
Our company is a professional real estate broker, we give consultations to investors, provide services for buyers and sellers of elite real estate in Dubai. With our unequalled experience and knowledge of the market, Mira Real Estate remains the leading brokerage company in Dubai. We serve as the intermediaries for many of the largest residential property purchase and sale transactions in the city, including numerous record-breaking deals. We offer an extraordinary selection of prestigious properties for sale.

Unique Homes Worldwide Properties Review

Unique Homes Worldwide Properties(UHP) was established in 2018 to continue to be an active member and one of the leading real estate companies in the UAE.

Committed to provide diverse and complete real estate solutions, equipped with the knowledge and skills in many different dimensions including but not limited to Off-Plan properties (Land, Villas & Apartments), Ready Properties (Commercial & Residential), and Resale in Abu Dhabi & Dubai. Maintaining the growth level over years, created new opportunities to undertake in multiple markets, and allowed us to provide new services to our clients.

UHP as a young ambitious brand succeeded in gaining the trust of our staff, partners, and clients by taking informed decisions based on market insights through monitoring and deeply analyzing the market variables, client needs, and by coping with the continuously shifting trends. We strive to provide the best solutions to our clients, so investing in hiring skilled and experienced talents and latest technologies along with adopting integrity became a necessity, and it is what makes us different. Success is not an easy task as it takes huge efforts and collaboration; it also requires commitment and a lot of hard work to set ourselves apart, but we are on the right track. 


AG Luxury Properties are specializing in residential and commercial properties. Through the years of experience of our professional Brokers who lead the Company, and the transversal skills of selected teamwork, our extensive network of industry contacts we accompany our customers in every phase of the process, establishing a beneficial and mutual relationship of trust and transparency. Besides competence, it is the ability to create a strong connection with the customer that has always distinguished us.

Top Address Real Estate Review

The United Arab Emirates has recently become a serious tourist destination in the Middle East and attracts thousands of investors every year who wish to put their money into one of the fastest growing countries. Statistics show that most private capital is invested in real estate. The reasons why investors decide to buy real estate in the UAE can be very different, but one thing is clear – the demand for real estate in the Emirates is constantly growing, and with it, so are prices, which makes investment in apartments and houses a profitable and, most importantly, a safe option to preserve and increase your capital.

The real estate agency Top Address is ready to help you choose the right property. Our agency works both directly with the developer and in the secondary market. Top Address specialists are confidently oriented towards the real estate market in the UAE, know its real prices, the features of the country’s districts and individual properties, infrastructure-related specifics and everything else that customers need to make balanced and economically sound decisions.

With our help, you have a real chance to buy Dubai real estate whose price will be increasing soon. By contacting the “Top Address” agency, you will save time and money by choosing the precise property that will meet 100% of your needs with the help of our agent.

Habibi Real Estate Reviews

Is Habibi Real Estate Scam?

Sergey Kosenko is a founder of Habibi Real Estate company. When you enter the search query “Sergei Kosenko” into the Google and Yandex search engines, prompts such as “Sergei Kosenko is a swindler”, “Sergei Kosenko divorce”, “Sergei Kosenko exposure”, etc. are immediately offered, which indicates that the activity Kosenko is very doubtful and you cannot enter into business relations with him unless there is unnecessary need.

What reviews can we find in the Internet?

Habibi Real Estate Scam

The company “Habibi Real Estate” is complete nonsense, horns and hooves, scammers. They promise everyone a fairy tale, in reality everything is different, the company is a scam of suckers.

All positive reviews are fake. They throw everyone away en masse. I don’t understand how the relevant authorities haven’t paid attention to them yet. The salary is neither black nor gray. She is completely absent. You can trade their fake properties and other nonsense for another week. They will fire you without paying and take on the next victim. And so on in a circle. I got caught too. And there are many of us like that.

There is only one conclusion – the company Habibi Real Estate is a complete fake, promoted by scammer Sergey Kosenko and information gypsies.