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Address: U.S. of Winston Churchill 1938/4, 120 00 Prague , Czech Republic

Email: [email protected]

About company:

Who are we?

A broker headquartered in Czech Republic. The VFSC. regulates our activities. We have been successfully enhancing our clients’ investments globally since 2020. We support over 1000 financial instruments for hundreds of thousands of traders worldwide.

Our principles

Everything must be transparent

We always explain the possible outcomes of transactions to our clients and communicate until the parties agree.

Professionalism is the key success factor

The financial markets industry can be risky, which is why we have taken the high-security approach in our product development phase: your data is protected, and the brokerage accounts you open have several levels of protection

Accessible services for everyone

A lack of in-depth knowledge or capital should not prevent you from starting a career as a trader. On the contrary, we aim to help our clients develop professionally and support even small trades.

Our goal

Even before we launched the project, we thought out every detail and laid a solid foundation for market entry. We ensure the conditions for the rapid growth of new clients and the stable development of regular ones. Ongoing monitoring of transactions and surveys of our audience enables us to monitor performance. Every reporting period, we review the list of trading instruments, their statistics, and indicators to remove inefficient ones.

Our team believes this strategy will lead to first place in the global list of brokerage service providers.