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About company, founded in 2017 in Dubai, is simply the fastest and easiest way to buy or sell used cars online. With millions of vehicles listed from thousands of dealers nationwide you are sure to find the perfect vehicle. Selling your vehicle? List it here, for free. It is our goal to offer the millions of shoppers on the most efficient solution to connect buyers with new or used cars for sale.


  1. Before making such a serious purchase as a car, prudent car owners get acquainted in advance with reviews on the Internet about the car dealerships they are interested in. Here they are incited by a big trap – as a rule, immediately after opening, gray salons invest in creating and maintaining a positive reputation about themselves, buying positive opinions about themselves from review sites.

  2. The same style and volume – as a rule, the owners of dishonest car dealers turn to special services where employees perform certain actions for money, for example, write positive reviews. This “pleasure” costs ridiculous money – from 5 to 50 rubles per review (depending on the qualifications of the author). The owners of gray salons, being businessmen focused on making quick profits by any means, are not ready to invest in quality, so they order the publication of the simplest and shortest opinions about their organization. The level of employees performing this task is visible in the result – short and illiterate comments that try to mimic full-fledged reviews do not stand up to criticism!

  3. Yesterday morning I left my contact details on the site for a consultation. They didn’t call me back until noon. I independently went to the site in the contacts section and called +7914690-25-90, the young man did not introduce himself to me, he began to talk to me in a rude manner. I was very disappointed, because I thought that this company is one of the few that appreciates its customers. (Moreover, the request was for a non-budget car) As a result, I turned to another company.

  4. We are sorry that communication with our manager Vladislav left you not the most pleasant impression. You were interested in the price of Prado, in order to advise you on this issue, Vladislav needed additional technical data from you – what engine size do you need, gasoline or diesel, equipment, mileage, etc. He asked you to clarify this information. You, unfortunately, refused to answer these questions. It is unfortunate that the request to be more specific in your request seemed rude to you – without this data, it is difficult for the manager to name the price of the car.

  5. after private traders outbid just fire). picked me pradika almost no run. consider new. I’m still blowing dust particles from the salon, so the skin will break. Respect to managers, I did not think that in 2 weeks I could find such a juicy offer. The price is also quite humane. five out of five

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